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Welcome to Woolgoolga Neighbourhood Centre Inc

Woolgoolga Neighbourhood Centre Inc (WNC) was established in 1994 by the local community in response to the need for welfare, community and government services for Woolgoolga and the rural hinterland it services.

Woolgoolga Neighbourhood Centre is managed by local people and supported by a team of volunteer workers. WNC is committed to the principles of access and equity in service delivery, and aims to provide a well-informed and professional service that is responsive to the needs of all clients regardless of age, gender, social status, race or culture.

We are a non-government organisation that provides services to and supports the whole community, as well as having a high focus on helping individuals and groups who are vulnerable, disadvantaged or experiencing violence.


Our location near the centre of the Woolgoolga CBD gives people easy opportunities to drop in for a friendly chat with our staff, who can assist with access to appropriate services.

We provide an immediate comfortable space to provide the best initial support and link customers to information, referral and assistance to a range of in-house and outreach services throughout the area.

We are responsive to local needs and priorities. We respect and recognise our community diversity and work empathetically to support equality. We are non-judgemental and foster belonging in the way we work.

We are a gateway and resource for the whole community, working together for Reconciliation, Fairness, Justice, Acceptance and Inclusion.


• Inclusive
• Community-based
• Respectful
• Professional


• NSW Family and Community Services
• Australian Department of Human Services

What is a Neighbourhood Centre?

Neighbourhood Centres originated in the 1960’s with the movement for self-help, resident action and welfare rights.
• recognise that each community has its own unique characteristics and demographic, and try and respond to local needs
• have a strong community development focus, ie to support and empower their communities to participate in achieving outcomes for the communities’ needs
• provide services for disadvantaged people and groups such as low income, isolated people, indigenous , unemployed, people with disability, the elderly , women, single income families, youth and culturally & linguistically diverse people.
• are managed by local community people within strong governance frameworks
• are supported by voluntary workers

How to Use Our Services

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We are a non-government organisation that provides services and support for the whole community. We have a high focus on helping individuals and