In 1998, in response to the Centenary of Federation Program which was calling for achievements of the past century, the Woolgoolga Neighbourhood Centre Inc submitted ‘that the Punjabi Sikh Community settling in the Woolgoolga area reflected Australia’s evolution from the White Australia policies at the time of Federation (1901) to the Australian Multiculturalism policies at the time of the Centenary of Federation’ (2001), and that the project would be a valuable and much needed resource for cross-cultural awareness and heritage preservation.

The project, a book titled A Punjabi Sikh Community in Australia From Indian Sojourners to Australian Citizens by Rashmere Bhatti and Verne A Dusenbery, a renowned American scholar in Sikh Studies, was completed in 2001. The project was developed in response to local, national and international curiosity about why the Punjabi Sikh community came to be established in the particular area of Woolgoolga and why they were predominately farmers.

The section in the new Sikh Heritage Museumn of Australia called Establishment of Woolgoolga has been derived from the book, and as such reflects its forethought as a resource for heritage preservation.

Rashmere Bhatti, the Centre’s Manager, may be contacted for further information about the Sikh community (for purpose of interest or research, for documentaries, for scholars), and for a copy of the book.

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